NOLF PC | Game Info | Weapons

Shepard Arms P38 9mm Pistol

Cate Archers' signature weapon is none other then the Shepard Arms.  It is one of them most ideal weapons in your arsenal.  The 9mm pistol can be outfitted with a silencer, which happens to be the perfect weapon to take out guards at close distance, without drawing attention to yourself.  The origin of the gun dates back to the war, where other operatives carried the weapon as standard inventory.  The magazine on this baby holds 10 shots, which will prove to be helpful in situations where more then one guard needs to be taken out.  You can also change ammo types to alter the effects of your shots.  Take my advice, use this baby a lot!

Petri .38 Airweight Revolver

A five bullet revolver is a powerful weapon for any girl, especially a superspy.  But Cate seems to handle it well in the missions.  The gun is of simple design and surprisingly light.  This gun also takes a variety of ammo, but doesn't have a silencer.  I personally only go for this gun when my P38 is out of ammo.  But you can do what you like.  The bad guys usually seem to have a whole lot of this ammo on them when you kill them so keep that one in mind.

Braun 9mm Parabellum

A popular choice of the standard badguy, the Braun 9mm, is an antique weapon for sure.  The gun fires with a hard recoil, and hold 10 rounds in the clip.  The reload speed is very fast which can prove helpful when you have already blown your cover and the foes are moving in on you.  This old boy happens to use the same ammo as the Shepard Arms.  So my vote is to avoid adding it to your inventory as the Shepard Arms will never let you down.

Hampton Carbine

The Carbine is the superspy sniper weapon of choice in these parts.  It is fully ready to be outfitted with a scope.  The rifle happens to fire so quietly that even nearby enemies will not hear nothing more then the blow of the bullet against his skull.  The rifle houses a 10 round clip, which is ideal if you haven't figured out how to aim.  Since the gun is a bolt action rifle, you will want to be weary of the cocking time.  I suggest you don't take this bad boy into the middle of a gang fight, as you will be killed before you can say 'Bloody Hell'.  Stick to sniping with this one.

Hampton MPL 9mm SMG

No, I didn't make a typo, there are actually two Hampton model guns in the game.  This is a submachine gun though.  The aim is deadly with this one, and you will enjoy the kills you rack up with this one.  It houses a 30 round clip, and can tear up anyone if moments.  The ammo is the same as your Shepards Arm, so teaming the two weapons together is a great idea provided you can conserve your ammo.  If you are truely a spy you will stumble across the silencer for this gun in one of the later missions.  

AK-47 Assault Rifle

This russian made gun screams raw power every time you pull the trigger.  The badguys that you mow down are just full of ammo which makes it all the better to equip yourself with.  Don't forget that you can use other ammo types with this gun, and a scope is available.

Morris Model 14 Spear Gun

If you see SCUBA gear, you know the spear gun isn't too far away.  You are able to thrust the propelled spear through your foes and pin them against walls of underground ships.  Don't be fooled that this is an underwater only weapon, as you can be lethal on land, since the spear travels remarkably fast to the target.  This is another single shot weapon so of course reloading can prove to be a pain.

Sportsman EX Crossbow

Who said old age weapons are useless?  Well this weapon has been completely refined over the years, and you will find instantly know when your target has been hit.  The ejected arrow will stick out of your target like a stuck pig.  A silent weapon by default, you can kill most anything with a single shot to the head.

Gordon 9mm SMG

The old school Gordon 9mm machinegun is known for being popular amongst thugs world wide. The horizontal clip contains 30 bullets, and sports a reload time that is to be noted.  A great weapon for the hold fire and strafe technique.  The only downside to this weapon is the lack of punch that the other machineguns have.

M79 Grenade Launcher

"Fire in the hole!"  That is what you should yell every time you fire this weapon.  It launches a grenade with pin point accuracy.  You think they are too far away?  Well the power of the hammer will chuck the grenade great distances.  Once you get this gun, be sure to keep an eye on your ammo, as you just might need it a time or three.

Geldmacher SVD Sniper Rifle

This rifle is rumored to be one of the most deadliest in the world. It is outfitted with a scope and overly powerful.  Be sure to have a stronghold when you fire though, as the sound of the muzzle is sure to draw attention.  The gun holds a 10 round clip, so fire away baby.

Laser Gun

Are you wondering what weapon those hooligans are using to ruff you up with on the space station?  Well this is it.  A standard issued Laser Gun.  Complete with space aged sound effect (that was a joke).  This gun can pierce your armor in one shot.  When they thought up this gun in the 60's, they should have given it a bigger flux compasitator, because it takes forever to recharge.

Super Atomic Laser Weapon

Finally that makes me look forward to the future!  This weapon does two jobs in one; killing the enemy, and exposing of their body.  The thrust from this laser alone throws the badguys back and off of their feet.  I suggest using this weapon instead of the body remover, so that you can pack in one more gadget in your inventory.  Of course if you were smart you would turn on the 'body fade' option.  HINT HINT!

Bacalov Corrector

Pain!  Lots of pain, that is all you will fell if someone nails you with a bullet from this gun.  The Bacalov, comes with a scope, and some nasty bullets.  The gun fires explosive tip bullets that detonate on impact.  The gun is also capable of breaking your ear drums as it is sure to blow your cover.  The reload time on this single chamber weapon is enough of a reason alone to leave this weapon alone unless you are playing multiplayer.


The UNITY special, also referred to as the Briefcase.  This redeemer really packs a punch.  The case is specially outfitted with a missile launcher, allowing you to blow your opponents away.  Be careful of when you pull the trigger as the splash damage might get you too!  If the target is far away and strafing back and forth you might as well forget about using it, as you stand a better chance of hitting them with the barrette.  The case only holds one missile at a time, and reloads very sllloooowww.

Full Metal Jacket - 90% of your weapons use a Full Metal Jacket bullet by default. Basically the rundown of these bullets means you will penetrate your enemy before he can finish digesting that donut he had yesterday.  The are overly abundant in the mission, so get used to them.

Dum-Dum- These guys have a hard time penetrating surfaces like the Full Metal Jacket bullets.  But they do something that is equally cool.  They mushroom up on impact which causes a victim to have a larger hole in their body.  The greatest part is the blood, they bleed an awful lot.

Phosphorous - Hot, hot, hot!  When you are using these bullets your victim will be burned by the slug, and then be burned some more!  When you are going covert ops style, don't pull out these out and nick a guy, because he will be screaming so loud you will blow your cover.

Cyanide-Tipped - Poison tipped bullets anyone?  I like them, well, maybe I just like the goat effect.  Yes if you have ever mysteriously seen goats during a mission you were hit with them.  They are truly nasty as not only did you shoot the poor bastard but you now poisoned him.  You truly are cruel aren't you?

High-Explosive - Specially designed for the Bacalov Corrector, these bullets will explode on contact.  They are awful load but they turn most anyone into instant gibs.