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NOLF PC | Newbies | How to rez a Map

Written by glue

Now that you know how to host your own server, let's say you download a custom map and it's in .dat format, instead of a .rez format.  Well, that doesn't do you any good cause maps can only be played in a .rez format.  So first, go to the Updates/Tools section and download and install the Editing Tools.  Then follow the following instructions:

1. Create a folder on your c drive called "rezmaps".  In that folder create a folder called "worlds", then "multi";  within "multi" create 2 folders, 1 called "assaultmap" and 1 called "deathmatch".  I strongly suggest using all lower case - it will make life easier for you!  Your folders should look like this:


2. Next, put the .dat file that you want to .rez into the appropriate folder, either assault (AM) or deathmatch (DM).

3. Click on the "start" button, then "programs", then "MS-Dos Prompt".  Once at dos, type the following info.  Make sure to type it exactly as written below, including spaces!!  When it comes time to type in the file name ("mapname") make sure you type it exactly the way it's saved (meaning, upper and/or lower case).

cd\ {click enter}
cd progra~1\fox\noonel~1\tools {click enter}
lithrez cv mapname.rez c:\rezmaps {click enter}

4. Next, go to the Tools directory (c:\programfiles\fox\noonelivesforever\tools) and your newly rez'd map should be there.  If not, you typed something wrong.  Start over and try again.

5. Lastly, move the rez file to your custom folder (c:\programfiles\fox\noonelivesforever\custom) and start playing the new map!