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NOLF PC | Multiplayer | How to Play

written by M0dmaker | edited by glue

You want to play multiplayer. You might even want to host as well. Where do you start. 

First off you need a connection: Obviously if you're reading this, you have at minimum a 56k connection. Some would argue that A DSL or cable connection is the best for gaming. Nonetheless some of the best player manage quite nicely with a 56K connection. So the choice is yours. 

Alright, while connected click on Multiplayer on the main menu. 

A menu pops up, and you see;

Player setup 
Join Internet game
Join a Lan game

Player Setup gives you the option to give yourself an online identity and persona. Pretty self explanatory. 

So You want to join an Internet game: This is when you realize.

"There are maps that I don't have in my repertoire of maps" So I can't play why?

There have been Official Updates and Mappacks released since the launch of the original game. 

Check the latest updates here: Updates.

Update v.001 v.002 v.003
Mappacks #1 #2

If you load these onto your computer and game will have everything available.  Then joining a game is as easy as clicking on Join Game. 

Some of the favorite Retail maps are:


The Pad



"There are still some maps I haven't got." 

There are also a whole slew of Custom made maps. Players just like you, decided they wanted to make a map for NOLF in their spare time. They must really love the game. Currently has 42+ custom made maps ready for download.

Check out the most comprehensive collection of NOLF maps here: Multiplayer Maps

To learn how to load these map packs click here: How to Add a Custom Map

 Alright now you know how to load the maps. The tough part now is which ones. There is an interesting little quirk in the engine where you can only load 11 rez files at any one time. So you must be discriminating on which maps to choose.

So which CUSTOM maps should I use or have? 

Check out the Map Reviews by Wiky, a veteran NOLFer and mapper.

 There seems to be a divergence of AM and DM players of late. SO, before you decide which maps to host, you have to also know what type of player joins which games. 

Generally speaking, though this is in no way a rule, newer and less experienced player, tend to play DM, simply because it is not as rigorous as AM. Less rules, more chaotic, and since it is every player for themselves, more forgiving. 

AM is by definition a team game. Thus the demands of the team play factor in. If you are just learning to use the controls, then AM is a tough place to learn. 


But to get you started

Here is a few map reviews to help you in your decision. This is just an opinion on some of the user made CUSTOM maps in the NOLF repetoire.

Here's the format

Mapmaker's name: (check the readme.txt)
Brief theme description: (the idea of the map, if there is one)
What was liked and/or disliked:

I've checked most the maps as they come out, I've only written reviews for the ones I can say good things about. 

by Alpha
Ported from a goldeneye deathmatch level. Set in an underground Unity Bunker, its just rooms and corridors and semi secret passages and is just a well executed and great map. Good weapon placement, multiple entrances to each room (no place to camp) 
Can be played 4-8 people, and should be on more servers. 

Amazingly ambitious concept. The landing at Omaha Beach (Normandy France) Second world war. (Saving Private Ryan) Its massive and really cool as an idea. Three huge guns randomly bombard the beach, troop carriers sit disabled in the water. There's a bunker complex underground. that's a clautrophic hoot to play in. Very nice. I have some concerns in the texturing, and the refinement of the look of the level but in terms of game play and execution it rocks. It is still in Beta me thinks, But when this one comes out, get it. 
Its a huge level, not sure how it will play on smaller machines. But if you can get 6 a side, or 12 total. If Stalin refines the textures, and the look and adjusts some of the play characteristics, (just tweaks) this map will be awesome. 

by modmaker

by brazen and Modmaker

by Modmaker and Brazen

by Xkillir

by ZeRein
This is a great port of a famous CounterStrike map de Dust. Admittedly I haven't played the original, but if this map is any indication, it is probably great. Ze rein the one of the originals of the NOLF community and the quality of this map is superb. In a post on the official forum, he states that he meticulously used two monitors side by side, one with the original CS map and one with the Dedit build DUST, he worked on it for a month, the results speak for themselves. (since it was already designed, he expended all the energy on detail and texturing. Very nice original custom textures too, w/ graffiti) Its a desert fort, complete with ever present sand, it has excellent weapons placement and enough nooks and crannies for some fantastically fun gameplay. There aren't very many User made assault maps but this one definitely should be on your list to play. Lets hope the servers take notice. 

by Eisbear
This is a European Village setting, complete with a Church in the middle of the town square and Moat surrounding. I couldn't help but get a feeling of the second World War, and Saving Private Ryan, with all the great nooks ad crannies, and the sniper points. Though there are a few technical brush issues, regarding the water, and the main gate doors, its a fun level. (The most important thing in map making is a consistency of theme in your level. A sense of place) Eisnbear does a good job. 

Little Italy
by Xkillir
Speaking of consistency of theme, Now we're in the South of France, near the Italian border. A small enclave, complete with music playing through the windows, clothes hanging in the summer sun out to dry, There's a few AI henchmen, to keep things interesting. 
This level is so much fun, just to explore, let alone play. It takes a while to figure out the upper level of the rooftops, but once you do the gameplay is well thought out and dynamic. 
In regards to a sense of place, this map is the best representation of use of SOUND to create mood and environment. There is a dynamic sound scape that ebbs and flows like reality. Very impressive. (should note That the ocean has some minor glitches, but I'm certain these will get fixed. Its a bummer not being able to come up for air) 

STALAG by Teal'C

Temple of the Jaguar
by Wiky
Mayan Temple, in the jungles of Central America. With traps, traps doors, hidden rooms, swimming fish, a Three level working elevator (which is a huge accomplishment), triggers, gas chamber, spikes from the ceiling, spikes in the floor. And this real cool sculpted cat with a wagging tail. For the first 20 time you play you'll die more by suicide, and the environment then by your deathmatch compatriots. It is a large level, it might lag with a lot of players, or slower machines, but for the sheer experience, and the fun of location, this one is Awesome. 
I've spoken to Wiky, and I'll be writing a guest review of TOTJ for the map review site. More later. 

By Poo-al
This is a tight little maps, perfect for 4-6 players. It is well designed and organized. Think an basement warehouse, in the old part to town. With vaulted ceilings, and crates strewn about, it works well as a small scale DM. The main room has tunnels circling around it, and a half open garage door, offers access to the ante chamber. Include it in your list of game levels. 

by Xkillir

WHAT'S THIS. Artificial Intelligence?

In addition there are now two new AI maps specifically designed for new players in mind. These maps have Working AI that shoot at you, and offer you the option of learning play styles and tactics in private, without the stress that could be associated on line.

by modmaker
Learn to use the Geldmacher with scope.

By Modmaker
Learn to use the AK-47 with scope. 

Both are invaluable for newbies to acquire the skills for on line play. You can host your own game with any multiplayer map and lock the server. 
You say you don't know how!
That's what the next part is about.