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NOLF PC | Game Info | Gadgets


This isn't your girlfriends barrette.  Well unless your girlfriend has a rather large hairdo.  This is an oversized specialized superspy's item of choice.  Primary function is a lockpick, and it can pick them fast.  The second function is a poison capsule dagger.  Cate simply walks up to the unsuspecting hooligan and slashes him one across the back of the neck, and the poor chap is out cold.  


Who would have ever thought that a few coins would come in so handy?  Well other then functioning as money, you can throw this just beyond your enemies to work as a distraction.

Body Remover

Are your victims bodies drawing attention to yourself?  Well if you would use this potion you wouldn't have that problem any more.  This toxic powder will instantly decay a body faster then Florida can recount votes.  Pezman's suggestion is to turn 'Body Fade' on, so that you don't even need to worry about using this vial.

Spy Glasses

Is the sun a bit bright for you?  Well fear not you have your trusty rusty sun glasses.  But wait!  They are more then just a fashion statement.  They have a zoom feature!  Oh and what is this?  You can see mine fields?  Wow! Oh my, they even allow you to see infrared.  

Cigarette Lighter / Welder

A smoker eh?  Well, lighting cigarettes isn't all this lighter is good for.  There are times when you might want to start a fire to draw attention to yourself.  Not to mention it makes for a handy flashlight, and the alternate ammo is a Mini Welder (torch).  The welder, can cut through heavy locks that your barrette cannot get off.

Stun / Sleeping / Acid Gas

This attractive perfume bottle dispenses powerful sleeping gas capable of incapacitating an adult moose, let alone the standard, garden variety hoodlum. This attractive perfume bottle dispenses stun gas that will daze and disorient anyone caught within the range of its influence. Side effects include temporary blindness and aural hallucinations. This attractive perfume bottle dispenses deadly corrosive gas that burns living tissue.

Camera Disabler

Are those Pesky cameras always blowing your cover?  Well, this device will allow you to loop footage back into the lens so that you will be able to move undetected.  To bad there are not any jewelry stores in the game, I would love to rob a place :)


Lipstick Impact Explosive - A deadly explosive disguised as women's lipstick. This device detonates on impact when thrown.

Lipstick Proximity Explosive - A deadly explosive disguised as women's lipstick. This device is triggered by a tiny radar sensor when a target comes within range.

Lipstick Timed Explosive - A deadly explosive disguised as women's lipstick. This device has a five second fuse. 

Belt Buckle / Zip Cord

Since Cate is wearing such a sexy outfit she obviously isn't having a hard time keeping her pants up.  So the Belt buckle has plenty of unused time become your zip cord.  You simply line your cursor up with the preset Zip Cord Hooks, and you are off!

Robotic Poodle

A lot easier to clean up after then a traditional dog, this specialized poodle, comes complete with everything from caster wheels, to pheromone dispensers.  It is pretty much fool proof.  You wind the dog up, you drop it and it goes off and flirts with the nearest guard dogs.  If you cannot figure this one out, well, you are what we call 'out of the program'.  So why don't you get with the program here?

Code Breaker

When you cannot gain access to a room it sure would be nice to just magically know the code.  Well here is the next best thing.  The Code Breaker, will hack the code faster then your pinto can be hotwired.