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NOLF PC | Game Info | FAQ

What is No One Lives Forever?

What genre of game is it? No One Lives Forever is a story-driven, first person adventure delivering over-the-top action, tense subterfuge, outrageous villains and wry humor in the tradition of the great 1960's spy films and TV shows. What is the gameplay like? Armed with an assortment of conventional and experimental weaponry and gadgets, The Operative, Cate Archer, will explore exotic locales, circumvent devious traps, and contend with deadly agents determined to take her out of the spy trade once and for all.

The Operative Who is The Operative? The operative is Agent Cate Archer, a spy for an international anti-terrorist organization known as UNITY. What does she look like? Los Angeles-based model and actress Mitzi Martin serves as the template for the in-game Cate Archer model, who can be seen in various '60s-era outfits during the course of the game.


Who are Agent Archer's adversaries? Archer squares off against twenty outrageous characters and their henchmen, including a pugilistic Scotsman, a trio of nubile female vixens, a villainously off-key opera Frau, and countless enemy agents and soldiers! How are these characters brought to life? No One Lives Forever features some of the most detailed characters ever seen in a first-person action/adventure game. Each character lip-syncs to the game dialogue and will blink and move realistically using motion capture animation.

Levels & Locales

How many levels are there in No One Lives Forever? There are fifteen single player missions in the game. Each mission is comprised two to six mini-levels for a total of more than 60 levels. In addition, the game contains ten multiplayer levels. What cities does Archer visit? Agent Archer will travel to exotic locales as diverse as the bazaars of Morocco, the oppressive streets of East Berlin, the idyllic English countryside, the snow-wreathed German Alps, the steamy Caribbean tropic and the woodlands of the American NorthWest. What environments does she explore? Explore the belly of a sunken cargo freighter, traverse huge deserts and snowy terrains, navigate the hip '60s bar scene, sneak around a hi-tech office building, break into a nearly invincible vault, visit an elegant English mansion, maneuver through a top secret underground laboratory, take a ride aboard a doomed jetliner, and experience freefall without a parachute!

Gameplay Features

What obstacles must Agent Archer overcome? No One Lives Forever rewards a subtle touch, but also allows a more direct approach. Archer must contend with security cameras, guard dogs, locked doors, hidden entrances, lazy workers, patrolling sentries, man-eating sharks, and much more. A stealthy approach will get you past some of these obstacles, but you can always fall back on your weaponry if the situation demands it. What vehicles can Archer ride? Agent Archer can jump on her very own Triumph motorcycle to cross vast stretches of desert or mow down enemy agent in her path. She will also have access to a snowmobile. Do Archer's abilities increase throughout the game? Yes. Archer can recover various intelligence items during a mission. The percentage of intelligence she collects will yield a mission ranking. If her ranking is high enough, Archer will become more proficient at certain skills. Only a very careful player will find every single item in the game! Cate may also earn awards based upon her overall performance in a mission. How does the health system work? There are no health kits in No One Lives Forever, although Cate may occasionally find body armor during a mission. Just like a real spy, Archer will often find it necessary to rely upon stealth and cunning rather than brute force. Is there dialogue in the game? There are thousands of lines of dialogue in No One Lives Forever, all of which is performed by professional voice actors. In addition, sub-titles will be available for versions released overseas where direct translations are not available.


What multiplayer modes does the game contain? There are ten multiplayer levels, including free-for-all, and mission-based UNITY vs. H.A.R.M. maps. These maps take place over a variety of locations, including an abandoned Moroccan city, a half-built office-tower, a snowy mountain chateau, and a hip 1960's bachelor pad. How many people can play multiplayer games? Up to 16 players at a time. How can I play multiplayer? No One Lives Forever supports play via LAN or via modem. In addition, the game will include GameSpy support.


What 3D engine does No One Lives Forever use? No One Lives Forever is the first game to be released using the advanced LithTech 2.5 Engine. LithTech 2.5 specializes in highly detailed indoor areas and vast outdoor landscapes.

What are the games minimum system requirements? No One Lives Forever requires: Windows® 95/98/2000, Direct X™ 7.0 or higher, a Pentium® II 300 Mhz with 64 MB RAM, an 8 MB 3D hardware accelerator card with Direct 3D™ support, High color graphics (16-bit), a 4x CD-ROM, a Direct X compatible 16-bit sound card, a Mouse and Keyboard, plus a 56K modem or LAN for multiplayer. Does No One Lives Forever require a 3D-accelerator card? Yes. Players will need an 8 MB video card at a minimum. What graphic API does No One Lives Forever support? No One Lives Forever uses Direct 3D and is compatible with the majority of the video cards on the market. What sound cards can be used in No One Lives Forever? Any DirectX compatible sound card should work with No One Lives Forever. What operating system is No One Lives Forever be compatible with? No One Lives Forever will run on Windows.