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NOLF PC | Newbies | Controls

Configuring the Controls
Everything you need to know about NOLF
written by Modmaker | edited by glue

I'd suggest configuring your keyboard and mouse. Nolf offers an options page that allows you to configure your keyboard commands and weapons hotkeys. More over, it allows you to adjust the sensitivity and smoothness of your mouse. Take the time to configure these controls. They are the single best way to increase your overall score, and interface with the game. Second, purchase a multifunction mouse. You have already spent a few dollars on the game, a multi button mouse will allow you to use your fingers for the multiple task that gameplay requires. Definitely re-do the weapon hotkeys. You need to have sunglasses, belt buckle, and proxies quick at hand. Use your 3rd and 4th mouse button for reload and crouch. 


Mad Hatter
Serious Gamer 

My keyboard settings are very close to Half-Life's:
W - Forward
S - Backpedal
A - Strafe Left
D - Strafe Right
Left Ctrl - Crouch
Left Shft - Toggle Walk/Run
Q - Cycle Weapons Up
Z - Cycle Weapons Down
Left Mouse - Fire Weapon
Right Mouse - Alternate Function/Switch Ammo
Middle Mouse - Holster Weapons
Scroll Up - Zoom In
Scroll Down - Zoom Out

* I try to make sure I keep moving whenever I fire a weapon unless I'm behind cover.
* I like to use suppressing fire and wait behind cover during a fire-fight until the opponent's clip is out and then I pop out to try some of my own
* I hate explosive weapons with a passion, so if I ever get my hands on Lipstick Proximity Grenades, I booby-trap the explosive weapons to teach the suckers a lesson
* I never ride any vehicles unless I feel like cashing in my death-wish for fun times
* I prefer weapons with large clip-sizes so that I don't have to reload as much
* I love cyanide rounds and would use the revolver with cyanide over any other weapon to make somebody's day by having cute goats bleat on their screen 


Configure your controls to your liking. Set the multiplayer internet connection speed one lower than what you have, unless you have dialup access (56K) then leave that setting alone. Patch it. Make sure you are current. Download the patches and map packs, burn them onto a cd for the future. You never know with Windows. Learn to crouch, your aiming is 10x better than while moving or standing. In multiplayer (assault) learn to act as a team. Talk with your team mates. Keep someone on defense always. Configure your taunts to your liking. "You look like you need a monkey." gets old after a while. Refer to the Sounds/Taunts section available on the NolfGirl site. In single player the game is all about stealth. Use silent weapons when ever possible. Shoot enemies in the back of the head. They die quicker that way.


I like to use a combo of mouse, gamepad (axispad) and game commander. Game Commander is sweeeet. Just set up a mic and when playing, you can say "AK" or "corrector" or "sunglasses" or any other weapon that has been mapped as a hotkey and you can switch weapons/devices just by speaking into mic! Great for taking pics in heavily defended areas. You can run around and not worry about scrolling between AK and sunglasses. Left hand: Gamepad = for/back, strafe, jump, weapon select (for non mapped weapons) and use item Right hand: mouse (5 button) = Aim, zoom, reload, crouch, and of course fire Microphone: Weapons select, team list, toggle walk/run, turn 180, and any other keyboard function. Very sweeet config. Just need one of those helmets with tubes that hold beer!

If you end up playing against players of this caliber, you want to have the same equipment at your disposal, to help you compete. 

So now you're saying: "But this is a friendly game"

Absolutely it is. Nolf probably has one of the best community spirits in gaming. There is a real sense of camaraderie. Nonetheless, each player likes to excel at their favorite past time. So what can you do next?  Practice. Take the time to learn the maps. Currently there are approximately 15+ official maps and at least that many "Custom" (user made) maps. Both assault maps (AM) and deathmatch (DM).

You probably want to learn the map. Take the time and practice on it. This is very easy to do. You can easily host your own game, and when you lock the server with a password, you can take your time and find where every weapon and power up and armor is placed on the map. The Advantage is you start to develop a strategy for that particular map. And rest assured, all the clans people have taken the time and have practiced countless hour to know the maps. The best routes, the hidden alcoves, the best sniper points. Suffice to say, Practice will increase your scores and keep the game challenging and fun. 

I received an email asking a series of questions, I'll offer it now for the sake of this discussion. 

1. How do you run maps offline?
2. Why are some players much faster and can almost seem to fly? are 
they modifying their character or is their connection faster? I use cable 
and it seems to run normal like in the single player game.
3. How can I tell how many people are on each team?
4. What is the advantage of bunny hopping? is it just to keep moving?

Thanks in advance for your time,

Here are some answers:

1.  Running maps off line is complicated, but if you want to do it for practice pruposes what you can do, is host your own game online, then in the game options, set the number of player to 2, and lock the server, and enter a password. You'll be online but, you can practice and explore the map alone, or just with one other player if you choose. 

2. They are definitely modding. If you play with anything but version 1.003, cheat mod users are possible. They restricted that option in update 3. You should update to version v1.003. 

3. Press the tab key, should give you a list of the other players and their scores. I'll also throw in that if you hit F8, you can snap a screenshot of the action at any time. 

4. Bunny hopping, is an evasive maneuver. Do what you have to, to stay alive. The most important thing to getting good at playing, is to configure the hotkeys that are most efficient for you. And learn how to use a scope efficiently. Good luck

These questions and answers were followed up by a few more. 

Sorry to bother you again, but in regards to bunny hopping is this just pressing the space key repeatedly or is there something else to it?  As far as using the scope effectively do you have any pointers? In the zoom mode people are very hard to hit. I often get killed with 1 shot even with full armor and health, is this because of a head shot?

Thanks again, I'm just trying to learn.

Yes indeed, the dreaded headshot, they got you in their sights for sure with the scope, probably the geldmacher.

Various weapons in NOLF have a scope power up. The Geldmacher is by far the most most powerful sniper weapon on the map. It has a 3x zoom, and you can target on someone what would be the equivalent of 300 yards in the real world. The AK-47 with a zoom lens is also an extremely powerful and versatile weapon.  
Even the crossbow has a scope for it. 

Now as for Bunny hopping:

You definitely should weave a bit while running, move left move right while holding the forward key, makes you harder target to lock on to, same for the jumping, throw in a jump now and then with the weave and you'll be a tough target. But the key is don't run out into the open without watching what's around you. It is very important that you set up a key so you can quickly scope on, scope off, the defaults N, M are very clumsy, change the configuration, pick what is comfortable for you. (As mentioned above, the scroll function on a mouse would be invaluable).  It's difficult to run in scope mode. You got to plant yourself somewhere and let the targets come to you. But this is a practice thing. Some players can easily scope in, take the head shot, scope out, and never lose a step while running. 

Oh, one more thing, are there usually only 5-10 servers running? I never see more for multiplayer? 

You probably have the multiplayer menu set to current version, and if your version happens to be Update 2 or 1, there are very few servers supporting those updates anymore. In the multiplayer menu, if you click on version, you will alternate between current version and all versions, but you will not be able to join these other servers anyway cause you can only join the same version update as you have installed on your computer. Get the #3 update. It tends to solve all sorts of problems.