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20 Top Players Share Their NOLF Knowledge

A few months ago I asked all the players in the top 10 Nolf clans (BoS, GkO, HC, Jab, NBK, PM, SBD, TS, TB and TG) to take the following very unscientific interview about playing the Harm vs. Unity multiplayer mode in NOLF.  I got back over 100 responses.  From those replies I picked 20 from players who have been, at one time or another, # 1 at to best explain the finer points of NOLF.  We don’t have space here at to reprint every interview in its’ entirety, so I’ll condense and consolidate the answers as best as I can.  Also, I am not identifying the interviewees by name because I feel that they deserve to state their thoughts without having to worry about someone disagreeing with them the next time they go online.  My thanks to all of the people who took the time to take the interview and to all of the clan leaders who helped to distribute it to their members.  I hope you enjoy reading and learning from it as much as I did.

Is NOLF your favorite online game, and if not what is and why?

15 out of 20 said that NOLF is their favorite game with 2 liking RTCW, 1 enjoying MOHAA and 2 without preferences.

“Plain and simple answer so far no game has knocked the Nolf CD away from the top of the pile, it was the first Online multoplayer game I took part in, I started with a 56k modem and the only reason I got cable was because I wanted to play more and more. ”

“Yes, it’s my favorite for two reasons, One the movement and feel of the game is one of the best out there, because of the simple cartoon graphics you are able to get a sweet frame rate. Two, the community is a bunch of hardcore gamers that play the game because they love it, and respect everyone else playing it. “

“NOLF is my favorite because it’s the only one I play!  I really only have time for one game due to being in school.  I like the cartoon like graphics in NOLF, the lack of realism and the small community.“

“It's the only game for me, I've tried all the rest and none compare to the rush I get from an intense game of Nolf. “

“ NOLF is NOT my favorite online game. The cause of too much lag and lack of playability comes to mind. “

Roughly, how long did you have to play NOLF before you realized that not only is it a fun game, but also that it was one that you were very good at? 

The answers to this question are to give newbies some idea of how long it takes to really catch on to the game.

For this question, the replies varied from 1 week to 4 months before the players felt really confident about their abilities online. 

“People say to me that I got good faster than anyone they knew before...I don't know if I agree with them or not, I played the game a lot at first that’s probably why I got good so fast, I don't compare myself to some of the best players in the game...but I like to think I make all good players lives difficult...I first bought the game with no thought of playing it Multiplayer, I enjoyed the game straight away, It was shelved after a while like most games...I decided to play it again on a week off I had thru illness, I tried the multiplayer and was instantly took me about 2 weeks to get a basic idea of the game I got a cable connection and then my bunny hopping stared about 4 weeks in after maybe 6 weeks of play I was formidable, now 3-4 months on I'd say I’m near my peak.“  

“ I think that DM is a great way to get into the game! It sort of teaches you the fundamentals of handling the guns and how and when to use them! I started playing H v U about 3 months after I started playing DM! I was hooked though in both right off the bat! I couldn't even pry my own fingers away from the computer! I came to grips within this time period that I am in fact a "gamer girl"! LOL! I beat the single player game twice but when I tried the multiplayer, I was like SOOOOO into it! I recommend this game to all my friends and family! It's not only fun, but also its free therapy! “  

“ I thought NOLF was a very cool game after my first time playing the mp demo.  I never really thought of myself as very good, but it was really the only game I felt like playing.  Then it became more competitive over the months and I decided to buy new things like a new gfx card, broadband, and eventually a new computer.  After I unleashed the game’s potential, that’s when I realized I wanted to continue to play. “

“ 1 week “

“ I’m still not very good, but I believe I play a smarter game than some. “

How many hours a week do you play NOLF?

This question shows that even though there appears to be a wide gap of playing time between gamers, most of them agree that in order to be very good at NOLF you must expect to play 12 to 15 hours a week.

“ Some people say they play to much, I disagree I don't think I play enough, I waste many hours usually at least 1 maybe 2 hours most weeks. “

“ Well, lately I have not had the opportunity to play as much as I usually do.  For awhile I would play the game almost 6-7 hrs a day, but now I only find myself playing it for 2 hours a day or so (if that heh). “

“ Before school started I played 12 or more hours a week, but that has decreased to about 3 to 5 hours. (On a good week) “

“ 6 to 12 “

“ 6-12 “

“ 15 – 20 “  

“ I play NOLF roughly 12 to 16 hrs a week. “

“ When I first started it was probably 40-50 hours a week, hehehe (I was hooked). Nowadays I only play maybe 15 hours a week. “

“ 1-2 now, been a lot more in the beginning though (about 10-20 I’d say) “