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Chat Kill Etiquette

To kill or not to kill, that is the question; to paraphrase our old friend, BaRD_ Will. As any seasoned NOLFer knows, when it comes to chat killing everyone has his or her own idea of what is acceptable and what isnít, and no amount of reasoned, logical argument will be able to sway them from their beliefs. Some players think that the blue chat sign is an impenetrable shield of invulnerability, which if breached entitles the chatter to spew forth an expletive filled tirade in the direction of the violator. Other players kill anything they see, ď This is war! ď they argue. The friendly, convivial nature inherent in the game contrasts with NOLFís violent, competitive aspects most vividly while trying to deal with this question. In many ways, the topic is like gun control, abortion or the death penalty with no easy answers to be found. All that I can offer to the debate on the subject are my own thoughts, based on my experiences as a NOLFer who has made quite a few friends online while, still playing hard enough to stay in CSports top ten most of the time. I know that many people think that CSports is a joke in determining who the best players are, but I am sure that most of us would agree that it does accurately reflect the amount of time one spends playing NOLF. So let me just say that I spend way too much time playing NOLF, and that I enjoy talking to friends while doing it. With all that in mind, allow me to share with you my views on the subject of chat killing.

Chat killing is a necessary part of the game sometimes, so expect to risk your life when you chat. That means chat in a safe place, find a corner or some form of cover. Donít chat in the open or in the normal paths of attack or most egregiously of all, near the intelligence briefcase. If I turn a corner, or crest a hill, and I see Craxx, Coldkilla, Joe Momma, or any other great player chatting 20 feet in front of me, I kill them as quickly as possible. I expect the same from them and Iíve never heard ď chat killer ď from good players under those circumstances. The people who seem to complain the most are the newbies that I frag while they chat in the intelligence room as I try to score. I mean come on, what do they want me to do, wait until they shoot at me before I take a pic? Iíve had people swear at me for chat killing when Iíve literally gotten stuck with them in a doorway and the only way I could get through it was to kill them. Perhaps the most confusing thing to newbies and veterans alike is the willfulness of the blue chat sign itself. Sometimes it appears and sometimes it doesnít and sometimes it never goes away. It is not chat killing if you canít see a chat sign, or if the person with the chat sign is bunny hopping. Blame the problem on lag, a bad server or a net code issue, but the fact remains that the chat sign is a fickle thing that canít be relied upon. In general, if someone, who is chatting, is in a position to impede your scoring chances, kill them without thinking twice. There are other times however, when chat killing is not only ill mannered, but also downright stupid. Donít go out of your way to chat kill just for the frag point. That would be, for instance when you have to scope in with a weapon to shoot someone half a map away whoís not interfering with you and who is not in a position to imminently score a pic. This is not good NOLF etiquette; let your defenders deal with the chatter when he or she gets closer to them. And when youíre on defense and have a chatter lined up in your sights at a fairly long distance, it is good sportsmanship to give them the benefit of finishing their last conversation before sending them back to their base to respawn. While Iím on the subject of respawning, a downright stupid chat kill would be to frag a far away chatter just as you are about to enter their base to take a pic. This may cause an angry, chat killed defender to respawn near the intelligence item that you want to photograph with the thought of killing you foremost in their mind. The other team already wants to kill you, donít make them angry as well. Some other chat kill no-noís would be, killing newbies asking questions such as, ď Where are the glasses? ď, or ď How do you use the zip cord? ď, the NOLF community is small enough already without turning off new players, and also, fragging people who are nice enough to say, ď Please donít kill me, Iím chatting. ď This last example, of someone declaring their chat status and asking for reprieve, is to me the height of good NOLFing manners and should be respected, as long as the chatters stay out of the line of fire. Two final observations, when you chat kill someone by mistake, you know that you have and you know that in the heat of battle it will probably happen at another time, just say, ď Sorry, I wonít do it again. ď and then try your best to see that it doesnít. And finally, if you are the one chat killed and must voice your protest, donít swear a blue streak, as it makes you sound stupid, just say sarcastically, ď Nice chat kill. ď, not only will you get your point across effectively, but it also allows the alleged offender a chance to explain himself without rancor. Who knows? You might even score a pic while your opponent is typing you an apology, which when you think about it, is the ultimate payback. G2G, CYA