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The following is NOT permitted:

  • Abuse of the server or IRC services 

  • Harassment of users

  • Threatening behaviour

  • Flooding

  • Pretending to be a in a clan which you are not a member of, or pretending to be another user.

  • Spreading trojans, viruses and worms. 

By connecting to the server you are agreeing to abide to the above rules.


1. After installing mIRC, run the program.
2. Make sure "Connect" Category tab is highlighted on the left.
3. Click "Add" and a little menu will pop up.
4. Enter description of the server (ex. "").
5. Enter "" (without quotes) as the IRC Server.
6. Now press "Add".
7. Now fill in the boxes below. Only "Full Name", "Email Address", and "Nickname" are required.
8. It is however recommended that you enter an "Alternative" nickname just in case your first choice has already been taken.
9. Next, under Category (on the left), highlight "Identd".
10. Check "Enable Identd Server", and go back to the "Connect" tab.
11. Above "Connect to IRC Server!" there is a box, open it, select, and highlight your newly added server (scroll all the way down, and it should be the last server in the list).
12. Now click "Connect to IRC Server!" or press "Ok" and click the Bolt under "File" to join!
13. Once you are connected to the server type "/join #nolfgirl"