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Welcome to that part of my column here at devoted to answering your questions concerning any non-technical issues that may arise when playing NOLF. I want you to think about what I can do for you in terms of an automotive analogy, I can be your driving instructor, but not your mechanic. I can help you navigate the smooth highways and bumpy back roads of NOLF with advice about how to utilize the best strategies and tactics, what playing tips are worthwhile and how to interact with your fellow players. What I can’t do, I’m sorry to say, is to help you with computer crashes, game malfunctions or how to cope with the many hardware and software issues inherent in NOLF. If you want answers to those types of questions first try looking through the very helpful “Newbies“ and “Files“ sections on the front page where you’ll find a tremendous amount of useful technical information. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, try sending an email to: We here at will try to help you with all of your inquiries as fast as we can, but there still may be some questions that we won’t have enough information or expertise to handle right away. That doesn’t mean we won’t answer them, it just means that we appreciate your patience while we find the right answer for you.

On the other hand however, if you want to know tips on using a particular weapon or item, where the “secret“ places are on different maps, who the best players are (and how to beat them), the best ways to score, how to improve your offensive and defensive skills, if people can cheat, how to tap into some of the hidden abilities available in the game or even how to deal with an annoying player let me know. I won’t be able to email each and every one of you personally with answers, but I can guarantee that the best questions will be answered right here every month to share with the whole NOLF community. One last thing regarding questions, if you see me online and have a question, ask me. Providing that we’re in the right server, without lag, and that the game doesn’t hinge on my active participation, I’ll try to help you right there and then. 

I’m looking forward to hearing from you, so put on your thinking caps and send me your NOLF gaming questions. 

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